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ASC Staff Directory

Richard Hutto ASC Director & Professor of Biology


Dr. Richard Hutto

Dick has been a professor in biology and wildlife biology at the University of Montana since 1977. His primary research focus has been on the ecology of migratory songbirds during summer in the Rockies, winter in Mexico, and migration in the Southwest. He insists that birds have a lot to tell us about land stewardship, and all we have to do is listen.


Dick's Home Page and CV


Kristina Smucker ASC Assistant Director & Education Program Manager


Kristina Smucker

  Kristina works with the Executive Director to set direction of all programs at the ASC. She oversees the research and monitoring programs, and has taken the lead in our education efforts, especially in creating and running the Birds-Eye View Education Program.  Kristina also has an interest in teaching, and along with Dr. Hutto, will be teaching an Avian Field Methods course beginning in the Spring of 2010. Kristina received her M.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana in 2003 where she studied the effects of wildfire on songbirds.


Anna Noson

Research Scientist &

GIS Analyst


Anna develops and manages the ASC’s riparian program, and serves as GIS Anna Noson and Mack analyst for all ASC projects.  Her duties include designing and implementing monitoring projects to inform restoration and management activities in riparian habitats, and analysis of landscape scale influences on bird distributions.   She is also developing an ecological monitoring program for the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia.  Anna received her M.S. in Wildlife Science from Oregon State University in 2001, where she studied the influence of prescribed fire and juniper encroachment on sagebrush steppe bird communities, and has over 14 years of field research experience.


Megan Fylling Biologist


Megan canoeing on the Madison River

Megan develops and runs the Breeding and Migration Banding Programs at the ASC, as well as the Bird's-eye View Education Program. Megan received her M.S. degree in Environmental Studies at the Univ. of Montana in 2013, where she studied nesting habitat characteristics of Lewis's Woodpeckers. Megan has been working at the ASC since 2004 on a variety of monitoring projects.  In the past, she worked primarily on the Avian Fire Study and Madison-Missouri Riverine Project.


Previous Staff:

Jock Young Past Monitoring Director

Jock Young


Jock was with the Landbird Monitoring Program from 1995 through 2009 as data manager and program coordinator.  He helped to develop LBMP habitat models as well as coordinate field work.  He has long been involved in developing a statewide Coordinated Bird monitoring program and is the past Chair of Montana Partners in Flight. We will miss Jock dearly and look forward to working with him on bird conservation projects in the future.

Amy Cilimburg Director of Bird Conservation - MT Audubon

Amy Cilimburg and daughter Wren


Amy received her M.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana in 2001. She has helped the ASC grow as a Center, and has been involved with coordinating the Landbird Monitoring Program. Amy also helped direct our education and outreach efforts, began the Big Hole restoration monitoring and is involved with a citizen monitoring program for Flammulated Owls.  Amy's daughter, Wren, is pictured here.

As of July 2008, Amy has begun full-time work with Montana Audubon as their Global Warming Outreach Organizer and has also been named the new Director of Bird Conservation. Congratulations and good luck, Amy!

Rob Fletcher Assistant Professor University of Florida


Rob Fletcher

Rob recieved his Ph.D. from Iowa State University in 2003. He currently runs the Madison-/Missouri Riverine Study for the ASC and is spearheading our habitat modeling efforts.  His interests include spatial ecology, habitat restoration, population and community ecology, animal behavior, habitat fragmentation, and statistics.

Rob has left Montana for a tenure-track landscape ecology position at the University of Florida Gainsville which began July 2007.  We dearly miss him already.  You can contact him at the email above or at his new office: 352-846-0632.  He will, however, continue working with us on habitat modeling, and we hope to study birds with him along the Madison and Missouri rivers in the summer.

Rob's Website


Zia Maumenee ArcIMS Programmer

Zia Maumenee


Zia received her M.A. in Geography from the University of Montana in 2004. Her background includes international research in Internet based GIS for resource management. She is currently developing Internet based GIS websites for The University of Montana, the Avian Science Center, and also the Herbarium.


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