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New Video!

“Portraits in Black”

portraits in black video

The Avian Science Center's portrayal of life in western Montana burned forests.

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An enormous THANK YOU to all friends of the ASC. Care to join this fledgling group? Call 243-2035 or email today!

Our Mission

The mission of the Avian Science Center is to promote ecological awareness and informed decision making through the collection, synthesis, and dissemination of science-based information on western birds.


Moving to the College of Forestry!


The Avian Science Center is in the midst of a move to the College of Forestry and Conservation! Although this is a move within the University, we are busy packing boxes, organizing equipment, and learning the ropes in our new home. We are thrilled to become a part of CFC and the Wildlife Biology Program. For more information, go to In the meantime, please be patient with our website updates as we make the switch. If you are interested in an technician position this summer, we have several positions to offer (click here).




New Papers!

In Western Birds, Aaron Flesch co-authors, "Short-tailed Hawks nesting in the Sky Islands of the Southwest". Download the PDF version

In Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, click to see Swanson et al discussing early successional forest conditions: The forgotten stage of forest succession: early-successional ecosystems of forest sites.
Download the PDF version

In Ecological Applications
Aaron Flesch's new 2010 paper: Importance of environmental and spatial gradients on patterns and consequences of resource selection.
Download the PDF version


More Publications