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We have policy people, we have scientists, but there’s no link between them. There is a need for people who can play the role of translator.
- M. Palmer, on ESA’s New Vision for Ecology. Bioscience 54:712.

Fireweed by Amy Cilimburg

Synthesizing current science-based knowledge and translating that information in a more digestible manner than can be accomplished through the publication route alone, is an important part of the mission of the Avian Science Center. Without clear and useful syntheses, it is difficult for scientists and the public-at-large to apply science-based information to decision making about conservation issues. 

The Avian Science Center is committed to synthesizing and disseminating research and monitoring results through both traditional publishing routes and through broader avenues as well.  These broader avenues include the news media, professional training workshops, field demonstrations, and an interactive web page.  We are dedicated to making important scientific results readily available to the greater community of professional land managers, agency biologists, policy makers, landowners, media, and the public-at-large. 

Each of our projects links to this part of the web, but this part of our web page also allows the user to get a one-stop overview of what we have produced over the years.  Our geospatial web interface allows you to look at the location and points or other map elements associated with any given project; the Publications subheading allows you to view all of the publications resulting from Avian Science Center activities; the Op-ed and letters subheading provides links to those information outlets; and the Resources for K-12 Teachers subheading provides a quick link to web-based resources that were developed in association with our education programs.