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ASC Projects

Bird Banding, Yellow Warbler

We conduct a variety of quality avian research and monitoring projects, and we subscribe to the practice of “adaptive management,” where decisions about what to do in the future are based on information about known effects of past management practices. Success with adaptive management requires that land managers understand the biological effects of alternative land-use practices. Not coincidentally, birds have emerged as one of the most effective biological monitoring tools available because they occur everywhere, are very sensitive to land-use practices, and can be surveyed more inexpensively than most any other taxonomic group of organisms.

Our research and monitoring projects currently include several associated with the USFS Northern Region Landbird Monitoring Program (our longest running program), Fire Ecology Program, Riparian Bird Distribution Program, a program to assess Restoration Success, and a Mexico and Wintering Bird Program.

We also have an Education and Outreach Program to facilitate the transfer of information to teachers, students, managers, politicians, and the public at large.

Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest Group observing a bird